March 27, 2020 News from Member MEPAs - HELMEPA

In these times of individual and collective challenge, we at HELMEPA wish to all our Members, colleagues and friends, Health, Strength and Endurance.

On the frontline of the battle against this invisible enemy are today doctors and medical personnel, whom we all salute as our everyday heroes. In the response to this crisis, however, global maritime transport is also playing a critical role. Around 80% to 90% of global trade is transported by sea; energy, raw materials and manufactured goods, including vital medical supplies, so badly needed at this time. Shipping managers, port operators, officers and crews on board vessels and staff of managing companies ashore are all working hard to maintain this life blood of international commerce flowing unobstructed.

We wish to express our particular gratitude to the seafarers - men and women - of all nationalities, who under especially difficult circumstances continue to serve the global community.

For those of us, who can afford to stay in and work from home, HELMEPA's Seagull sends his message "We Stay Home" not only for our personal and our family's health but for the sake of the rest of the world.

Stay safe and well!
HELMEPA Secretariat