February 20, 2019 News from Member MEPAs - HELMEPA

HELMEPA features in documentary of TVE 2 on marine litter

On the evening of 14 February, Spanish state TV station TVE2, with worldwide reach, broadcasted a documentary of the En Portada series dedicated to the problem of marine litter featuring activities of HELMEPA. Even though in Spanish, it contains extensive sections and interviews in English and you may view it at the following link: http://www.rtve.es/television/20190213/vertedero-nostrum/1883421.shtml

Among other, from 07.55 to 09.28 reference is made to HELMEPA and the results of beach cleanup campaigns in Greece, while from 35.10 to 37.00 the visit of schoolchildren from the 1st Elementary School of Alimos to the Association's environmental Exhibition in Piraeus is covered.